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Tracker XP v3

Tracker XP v3

Revolutionize the way you fly X-Plane with TrackerXP

TrackerXP smoothly pans your head left, right, up, and down through a wide field of view around your aircraft’s cockpit and cabin.   Move your head towards the camera to Zoom in close on panel instruments for easy adjustment.

TrackerXP includes a head tracking Chase View with optional HUD, similar to STMA's ChaseViewDeluxe.

TrackerXP steadies your head motion.  Smoothing, response, and null zone settings are fully adjustable from X-Plane’s pull down menu.
TrackerXP incorporates and extends X-Plane 10's new Glance Right and Glance Left commands. This is especially useful for combat and helicopter pilots.

Instantly pause TrackerXP, freezing your current viewing angle. You are always only a single click away from Pause, Enable or Disable TrackerXP.   One click will return you to X-Planes 3D forward view or any of X-Plane’s external views.

PLEASE TRY THE FREE DEMO BEFORE PURCHASE The Demo runs for 15 minutes and quietly exits to X-Plane's 3D Forward view. The Demo can be rerun as often as you wish!

Purchase includes free updates for the life of the product.
Excellent Customer Support. Support forum for TrackerXP or write:

Watch the YouTube Video  and  YouTube Video 
Read the Free TrackerXP TrackerXP_ReadMe.pdf
Designed by Bob Feaver of STMA

PRICE:  $19.95
$19.95 Tracker XP

Download: Tracker XP