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Starter Kits
Everything you need to begin quilling
DVD Quilling Made Easy DVD Quilling Made Easy
A DVD called Quilling Made Easy with Alli Bartkowski (Quilled creations) as the instructor. This DVD teaches all of the basics of quilling with very clear instructions. Techniques include basic shapes & scrolls, Eccentric circle (off-centered circle) technique, end to end technique, tight circles, tuck and roll, 3-D quilling, spiral rose technique, combing, color & beehive technique and crimping. I watched all 1 hour and 52 minutes of it just to be sure. Alli does a great job instructing and the camera gets in very close so you can see exactly what she is doing. There is also a second disc with all of the instructions written out so you can download and print them. The item is # QC550 on our web site and sells for $19.95. This is the perfect resource for those people who want someone to “show” them exactly how it is done.
[3 in stock]
Price: $19.95

K200 - Starter Kit K200 - Starter Kit
Everything you need to get started; a slotted tool, a needle tool, quilling strips in three widths, a small work board, glue, ruler, quilling chart and patterns and sinstructions.
[1 in stock]
Price: $24.00

K216 Mini Starter Quilling  Kit K216 Mini Starter Quilling Kit
Mini Starter Quilling  Kit includes a slotted tool and a ruler
[8 in stock]
Price: $11.00

K3161 - Petite Flowers K3161 - Petite Flowers

Beginner kit includes directions and papers to create 12 different flowers,DOES NOT INCLUDE QUILLING TOOL

[7 in stock]
Price: $2.69

K3162 - Garden Pals K3162 - Garden Pals

Beginner level kit uses basic shapes to create twelve cute garden pals, DOES NOT INCLUDE QUILLING TOOL

[6 in stock]
Price: $2.69

K360 Paplin Starter Kit K360 Paplin Starter Kit
This starter kit has everything you need to get started quilling: quilling strips, tweezer,ruler, stationary, slotted quilling tool, work board, guide board and instructions for 12 different projects. The only thing you need to supply is tacky glue, scissors, and some time.
[7 in stock]
Price: $29.95

LCK208 Deluxe Starter kit LCK208 Deluxe Starter kit
This new Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to begin quilling.  Kit contains instructions, designs, fine tip slotted tool, needle tool, tweezers, ruler, paper, glue and workboard in handy carrying case.
[1 in stock]
Price: $39.90

QCK400 Beginner Kit QCK400 Beginner Kit
Kit includes Circle sizer Ruler, slotted tool, needle tool, fine-tip tweezers, 1/8" quilling paper, all in a handy storage box. Designs include butterfly, flowers, baby's feet, balloons and more
[2 in stock]
Price: $29.95

QCK430 Quilling made Easy QCK430 Quilling made Easy
Quilling Made Easy by Quilled Creations is a basic starter kit which includes instructions, quilling strips, slotted tool, circle sizer and cards.
[1 in stock]
Price: $14.95

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