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Pessoa A/O AMS Saddle
Pessoa A/O AMS Saddle
Pessoa A/O AMS Saddle

Pessoa A/O AMS Saddle

Price: $2,515.50
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Pessoa A/O AMS
Grained English leather with calfskin seat and kneepads. Modified triangle block. Xchange tree with gullets available from Narrow to Extra Wide (Medium is standard). Seat sizes 16"-18", with half sizes. Flap lengths: Regular, Forward, Long or Long/Forward.

Go beyond an adjustable tree by choosing the right panel depth and shape for your horse! This saddle features AMS panels (flocking over a layer of neoprene to reduce bunching and impact) specifically designed for particular conformations.
STANDARD panels offer the traditional Pessoa fit for horses without remarkable contours to the back. 
ALTO panels are designed for horses with prominent withers and greater height distances between their withers and back. ALTO panels are deeper in front and back, allowing greater clearance over the withers/spine while still maintaining a level seat. The addition of a front gusset in the panel provides the extra padding necessary to allow you to sit properly just behind the shoulder, where this type of horse usually lacks muscle.
CORTO panels are designed for the shorter, muscular back. The rear gusset is flatter in order to allow for the rise of the croup usually found with this back type.

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