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One can attend the seminars in three ways:

(1) Live at the IIT Facility
(2) Live Off-Site from where ever you wish
(3) Archived seminars

The price of the seminar varies depending upon the choice of delivery. The seminar prices look high but when one consders the books and the number of hours of seminars, this works out to be about $16.00 an hour. The total number of all three semianrs amounts to 90+24+24 = 134 hours. This amounts to mor than three semester courses at a University. Since the seminars are archived, the lectures can be reviewed again if one misses a subject. For those who have taken the seminars, its archived content may be revisited for review at $5.00 per half an hour.

If you wish the manuals or workbooks to be mailed, do not forget to add applicable shipping charges.  Your cart will be processed and you will recieve an e-mail instantly. Your order will be processed next by IIT and you will receive a written confirmation after your payment is cleared. Manuals will be shipped by UPS. UPS orders from West Coast to East Coast may take five working days. Any refunds will be processed in about two weeks.

Best of luck in your acquisition of knowledge and preparation for the examination.

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